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Some may say I was ahead of my time. Web development was too new to be part of my curriculum when I was in college, so I studied computer engineering and concentrated on software development. I took interest in a course that allowed me to learn the fundamentals of UNIX and basic HTML. When I began working as a software engineer, I programmed embedded software for large scale multifunction copiers and blood analyzers for medical labs. I took advantage of the UNIX skills I had learned to debug these complex systems while helping to upgrade their features.

One day, I was asked to join a small team to create an internal website for our department and that experience changed my career path. I was introduced to PHP and began to enjoy the challenge of working with this new medium of dynamic websites. I was also introduced to the open source movement, which worked well with my interest in improving and extending my PHP capabilities.

My passion for web development grew, and I decided to start my own business. My first major project was helping my tenants' association with its first comprehensive website. It became a vital resource for over 25,000 residents and the entire volunteer staff who helped support them. From there, I continued to do various projects for other non-profit organizations, doctors' practices, artists, a local pharmacy and other small businesses. I became a PayPal Certified Developer and have since developed dozens of websites. I enjoy helping people get the most out of their online presence and creating something uniquely useful for my clients.


blogs & content management frameworks / systems bulletin board / forum software e-commerce / donation solutions
web services integration web development
  • cross-platform / responsive mobile web development and deployment
  • client-side W3C valid HTML5, CSS3 / Sass, JavaScript - Ajax / Bootstrap / jQuery(UI)
  • server-side open source LAMP (Linux, Apache / FastCGI, MySQL and PHP) stack
  • hosting service setup, ongoing site maintenance and webmaster technical support